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RE Professional Advisor

A real estate advisor’s primary job is to evaluate real estate, short and long-term goals, and provide options for any given property's best use. Different than a real estate agent or broker, who are only focused on a transaction, a real estate advisor often works closely with your accountant and/or financial advisor to craft the best scenario for your financial goals and situation. A real estate advisory firm would have likely researched the property, checked the zoning, evaluated market conditions, and made the owner aware of the options.  The cost to hire the firm is insignificant if the advisor can sell the property for 2x more.

A real estate advisor should have an extensive background in real estate often with experience and resources that extend far beyond the responsibilities of buying and selling real estate. A real estate advisor works in an advisory capacity to help you plan more strategically, and increase the value of your currently-owned or prospective real estate assets.  Some of the duties of a real estate advisor often carry out are:

• Evaluating or completing an acquisition or sale

• Capital allocation strategies

• Evaluation of land, zoning, or other factors that could impede or enhance a property’s development

• Feasibility, renovation and other associated costs for income-producing properties

• Guidance in developing, building or renovating residential and commercial properties

• Strategies for improving operations and customer satisfaction on income-producing properties

• A neutral party to advise on the best outcomes for owned real estate

• Direction on property management best practices

What you are looking for, we have it, or we do it

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Real Estate Special

Real estate project development

Introduce us to your project, and you will see that our approach will be very different from what you expect.

Real estate property management 

Why sell a property when we can manage it for you and create an income for you?

RE Furniture and set-up

Thanks to the TDHI Divisions, we can furnish and set up any type of property, all over the world and with no size limit.

Real Estate

RE Seller assistance

We do not help you sell; we are not agents, we sell because we are paid to do so.

RE Buyer assistance

We do not help you buy, we assist you from start to finish in all your negotiations, and we always find the prestigious property for you.


In the prestigious and economically important transactions that we assist, there are always collaborators, introductions, or professionals of the owners, sellers, or buyers. We guarantee everyone thanks to the TDHI PayMaster Division's services that each professional will receive the agreed success fees. We always guarantee 100% confidentiality and security.

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